Walking Lunge Lift

16 Sep

Hey everyone!  It’s Tyler & Ginny from fitness-twins.com….today we are giving you the basic lunge with a “lifting” twist!  Adding movement to your lunge as opposed to stationary will help you gain the balance and stability to progress to more difficult lunges.  In this format, you can “kick up” the basic lunge by adding a back leg lift.  The key thing for the lunge is the angle of the legs.  You want two 90* angles.  Make sure that front knee does not come out past the toe.  Drop the body straight down, stopping about 4-6” from the ground.  When you lift, straighten the back leg out (point the toe) and then immediately step out into another lunge.  This “lift” adds a hamstring and glute burn that you don’t get with the traditional lunge.

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PS….The Fitness Twins are celebrating the last few days of summer, and bringing you a full week of beach themed workouts next week, so stay tuned!



Get Gas, Get Dunkin!

3 May

Well we all know that gas is pretty much getting out of hand, and ridiculous.  Leave it to DD to make us feel a *little* better about the sticker shock at the pump…


Tyler and Ginny here, two fitness junkies working our way through the entire DD menu!  Todays lineup included a ham and cheese flat bread!

Made by our fav, Katrina!!

This ham and cheese was great!  LOTS of cheese.  Split between the two of us this wasnt bad…but it may be a bit much for someone eating it solo!

Lets check out the stats…

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 sandwich
Amount per Serving
Calories 350
Calories from Fat 108.0
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 12g
Saturated Fat 5g
Cholesterol 35mg
Sodium 1040mg
Total Carbohydrate 41g
Dietary Fiber 2g
Sugars 2g
Protein 20g

Est. Percent of Calories from:


* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calories needs.

To burn off this beauty, you would need to….

  • Walk 4 miles
  • Elliptical for 40 minutes
  • Jump Rope for 25 minutes
We also may or may not have snuck in our very own can of icing to dip donuts in.  Yes we know, BAD!
Until next time, keep Dunkin!

The Royal Treatment…..

27 Apr

Today was a very special day at DD, it is Royal Wedding week!  Unless you are living under a rock, I am sure you know about the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry, and his bride….Kate.

That being said, DD has rolled out the red carpet and introduced a new donut….introducing the Royal Wedding donut!

You gotta get these beauties fast!  They will only be there until Friday.

We have to figure out how to keep this around for longer!  This donut was great!

Ginny even shared with her office friends!  I think the Royal Wedding donut was a success!

Some of the co-workers have already been DD obsessed thanks to the blogging!  It’s not unusual to see DD bags/cups everywhere we go, which we love!

Everyone gave this donut a 5 star!!!  We had to cut it up into bite size pieces just to share!  We needed a dozen or so more from the looks of it.

Everyone loves DD!

Group shot!

Royal Wedding needs to be a DD staple!  Not only did we love it, but so did our co-workers!

Go out, get the donut….and embrace your inner European!  😉

Until next time, keep Dunkin!

Welcome The New DD in Town!

16 Apr

Well, we got a new Dunkin Donuts across town…so of course, Ginny and Tyler…your health fanatics eating their way through the entire DD menu had to check out the new store!!

check out that HUGE coffee cup, this is our kind of place 😀

We also met back up with a dear friend of ours, Mary!!!!  She is the new manager so we won’t see her as much at this new location! 😦  Sad times.

To say they were busy was an understatement!

It is hard work opening a new DD in town!  This place was lined out the door!

Owner Kelly was there, and suggested a new treat for us to blog about:

Apple Fritter anyone?!

This bad boy was full of icing, aka right up our alley!

This was like a donut meets coffee cake meets delicious random treat!

To go along side, we tried the iced French Vanilla iced coffee:

Tylers Rating:

This donut was good, but I am just simply not crazy about Apple flavored things….other than that…yum!

Tylers Ranking:


Ginnys Rating:

Loved the crunchy on the outside and super moist on the inside.  Yummy!
Also loved seeing Kelly and Mary.  Super jealous of the outdoor patio but not the crowd.
Ginnys Ranking:
Now for the stats….
There are 410 calories in 1 serving of Dunkin’ Donuts Apple Fritter.
Calorie breakdown: 33% fat, 61% carbs, 6% protein.
To burn this fritter off, you would have to……
Run 3.75 miles.
Swim for 46 minutes!
Did we mention how jealous we were of the outdoor seating?!?!
Until next time….
Keep Dunkin!

Powdered Sugar Munchkins & White Hot Chocolate

1 Apr

Hello bloggers!  Ginny and Tyler here working out like mad people and eating our way through the entire DD menu!

On todays lineup…Powdered Sugar Munchkins, and white Hot Chocolate!

Happy to see some new Easter themed donuts at DD this time of year, check out these little cuties:

We love our DD crew!

Now hold onto your hats bloggers, because what happened next was one of the best moments of our lives.


We got a full tour of the joint, starting with the pit of glaze!  I think we would swim in the stuff if we could!

Then it was Ginnys dream come true.  The lard icing bag was revealed!

Which quickly turned into this…

And yes, she did eat the lard. 🙂  Now lets get down to todays taste test…..

Fresh powdered munchkins!  Yummmmmm!

We also tried the White Hot Chocolate….this baby is RICH!

Now for the reviews!!

Ginnys Take:

Perfect!  Just the right portion size if you just eat the one.  It’s the perfect Vanilla Kreme filled without all the calories (and in this case, without the icing) !   I tried to top the donut with icing, but it wouldn’t stick because of the powdered sugar!!  I still made it work, though.  If it came filled with the icing, it would have been perfect.

Ginnys Rating:

4/5 Without the lard …..

5/5 WITH the lard….   🙂


Tylers Take:

This donut was perfect!  Small, yummy, but it really did need the kreme filling.  The nice thing about DD is how customizable it is.  They said if people called ahead they could make munchkins however you wanted! How awesome is that!

Tylers Rating:



White Hot Chocolate Review:

We both thought this was delicious BUT watch the stats.  Calorie/sugar/carb BOMB.  This bad boy is RICH and needs to be in very small doses!!!  Had it not been so bad on the nutritional side, it would have ranked higher…however…

Taste: 5/5

Rank: 3/5 (based on the stats)


Did we mention that it is a DEPRESSING day indeed as one of our faves Mary has made the move to the OTHER Dunkin Donuts store across town!  WE WILL MISS YOU MARY!!!!!

The grand opening of the Johnson City store is next week!  If you are in the area, check it out!  It is located across from Mahoney’s on Sunset!

Until next time bloggers, keep Dunkin!


Bran Muffin & Cappuccino Lite

25 Mar

Hello bloggers!  Your favorite workout junkies and dessert enthusiasts, Tyler and Ginny here.  We are eating our way through the entire Dunkin Donuts menu!

Today was took a slightly different path, and tried the bran muffin!  We are all about some fiber. 😉

Mmmm, nothing like a muffin in the morning!  This baby was beautiful!

On a random side note, I can never eat a muffin without thinking of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine eats only the muffin tops, and tosses the “stump”.  She even goes as far as opening her own Muffin Top shop, and donating all the stumps to the homeless…

Bwahahahaha.  Good ole Seinfeld.

Now, back to OUR muffin…

This baby was full of raisins!  Yum!

We stuck with the “light” theme and went with a Cappucino Light! (steamed skim milk)


I scarfed down my portion of Bran Muffin….Sweet Ole Bob…this shot was for YOU!

And when Ginny tries a Cappucino, she gets a mustache. 🙂

Review time!

Tylers Take:

This muffin was great!  I am a big fan of bran and raisins, so I was all about it.  It wasnt overly sweet, which was nice.  This makes a great occasional breakfast treat.  The high calorie content is the only thing holding me back from a perfect score!

Tylers Ranking:


Ginnys Take

Woahhhhh!  Better split this one with a buddy.  This was a great muffin, but maybe not worth the calories.  Taste wise I would give it a 5, but 3 based on the stats!

Ginnys Rating


Now for the stats…

This bad boy weighed in at a shocking 490 calories!  So even though this may be a healthier option than a donut, it still has the tendency to pack on the calories.

To burn this off, you would need to do ALL of the following:

  • Hum the theme song Rocky as you skip rope for 9 minutes.
  • Hike the great outdoors with at least 22 pounds in your backpack for 9 minutes, 15 seconds.
  • Play racquetball for 7 minutes, 17 seconds.
  • Swim a few laps of your favorite stroke back, breast or butterfly): 8 minutes or less, depending on the stroke.
  • Travel underwater instead of on the top of it and you can burn calories even faster. Scuba-dive for seven minutes,11seconds.


Until next time….keep Dunkin!  What do YOU want to see us try next???  Let us know!

Coffee Stick Donut & Hazelnut Coffee

23 Mar

Good morning bloggers!

Ginny and Tyler here blogging, workout out, and eating our way through the entire Dunkin Donuts menu!

Lets get right down to it.  Today was a glazed coffee stick donut, with hazelnut coffee.

Ginny and I were instantly happy campers when we saw the icing on this little guy!  It reminded me of a “Donut Stick” from Little Debbie!  Anyone remember those?  This was a cake donut, but longer and with icing.  Yes, please!

See that little gooey part on the bottom???  Yep, that was our favorite part, too. 🙂

We also tried the Hazelnut coffee!

Since it *is* Dunkin Donuts, it was high time we DUNKED our donut…


Time for the review…

Ginnys Take:

This donut was really good.  I loved the bottom part where the icing was caked up.  Yummmmm.  You know it is a good donut when I give it a high review, and it doesn’t even have my favorite lard icing.

Ginnys Rating:



Tylers Take:

This was one of those donuts where it was REALLY hard for me to take only one bite.  This means it was delicious!  Perfect blend of cake donut and icing.  Super moist, and delicious!

Tylers Rating:


Now for the stats…

Ok, I am glad we only had one bite each!  This donut may have been delicious, but it is a calorie king!

To burn this baby off you would need to….

Although this is not often thought of as an extremely active sport, you will be burning calories just the same.  Just one hour of bowling and you can burn 180 unwanted calories.  Go for a full hour and a half and this number increases to 270…….to burn off this entire donut stick, you would need to bowl for 2.5 hours!!!!!  Eek!

We also got our new pins!!!!  We are SO close to being true DD employees. 😉  Please, dis-regard my bed head.

Boo yah!!!!

Until next time bloggers, keep Dunkin’!